Text: Diego Alonso & Alexeja Pozzoni. · Photos: & A.D. Ibiza.


Samode Palace is the perfect place to “land” in India. The four hours ride from Mahatma Gandhi Delhi airport is a bliss comparing to a two hours rush in New Delhi megalopolis traffic, so the trip it’s worth it. Once you approach the near five hundred years old fortress through a humble village all your jet-lag and kilometres runed will be forgotten. The freshness of this Indo-Mogul architecture welcomes you with a big smile on top of its majestic staircase. 

Water running through traced streams to flourishing fountains, guide you across a vintage car collection part of the family owned property. You can feel the difference, this is not a hotel chain, this is a home welcoming you with the best services of a grand hotel.

The maharaja suite gifted us with a view of the sun falling behind the Aravali Range with monkeys playing over the cupola where the infinity pool ends. The suite is so vast that you get lost between the balcony jacuzzi and the hand crafted bathroom. Four poster bed gives you the sensation of being in a temple of love, so much that it is difficult to convince yourself to walk across the courtyards to dine at the pool area sheltered by a starry night. The vegetarian Thali (Indian complete meal) is out of this world with a particular flavour buquet of organic products from the local village. Reminiscences of a royal era, most families in this area works directly or indirectly to keep the Palace running. Small manufacturers of Banyan Tree Sap bangles, milk producers, farmers and smiths. But the real magic of this Palace is the place itself. A morning walk through its different suites, ball-rooms, and durbar-rooms could be enlightening on World History. Each corner narrates stories of royalty, celebrities and artists from all over the world. A highly recommended start point for a first trip to India as well as for a Home return.