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Seems curious when after an Indian royal welcoming (rose petal shower, fresh drink and the unmissable red powder “tikka” on your forehead) one is guided through various alleys to a small ornate wooden door secured with a chain and an old fashion iron lock. You enter a room where not a single square centimeter is not decorated. Small frescos narrating the mischievous life of Lord Krishna blow a certain sensuality (or sexuality?) to the ambience. We are in the Sheesh Mahal suite of Samode Haveli with its impressive mirror walls and an old time opulence. It is dark, is fresh, its cosy. Beneath the loud streets of an upcoming Metropolis like Jaipur. One can feel the secrecy and the unsaid about this room in the “women” quartier of the property. Protected from being seen by “Jaalis” (Rajasthani window grids) and narrow corridors through which and armed soldier could not pass. Filigreed columns on silver and gold make you feel excited in this compact labyrinthic master piece of handcraft.

Samode Haveli, Jaipur, India.
An urban oasis in the historic walled city of Jaipur, Samode Haveli is a traditional Indian mansion set in a verdant garden with apartments arranged around a series of intimate courtyards. Built 175 years ago as a residence of the rulers of Samode, it is still occupied by their descendants, who have converted their home into a luxury hotel.

The Haveli.
A quintessential Indo-Saracenic regal residence seeped in history and age old traditions of impeccable hospitality, the Samode Haveli is an intimately luxurious heritage hotel hidden deep in the folds of old Jaipur.

The Accommodation.
The former royal apartments are now deluxe rooms and suites, each having a distinctive character which reflects the rich history and culture of Samode. They retain the luxuriousness of the past while at the same time offering guests modern amenities. The private courtyards and balconies of the rooms still look out upon the charming pools, fountain courts and gardens of the old Haveli.

India Horese Samode Haveli Entrance.