Text: Diego Alonso & Alexeja Pozzoni. · Photos: A.D. Ibiza.

Known as “The King of the Indian Roads” this car is so far the most comfortable car to travel the subcontinent. Unfortunately it was discontinued from production in 2014 (hopefully some automotive brand decides to re-launch it again). British origin but a completely Indian new design inspired on the Morris Oxford, this car has multiplied as people in India since 1958. At some point in time were nearly the only available cars in the country together with the Contessa and the Padmini . Nowadays you can rarely see some models running on the streets. 

Daulat Bhai is the driver of our green Ambassador from Jaipur. Daulat´s family was in the military services, but for two centimetres of shoulders he did not make it into the army. Then as his father was a military driver, he became a driver at Samode Haveli until he bought the car from the hotel owners and started to operate it independently.

Today seems strange to travel with this car, when most tourist, local and international, choose often the less fashionable 4x4 vehicles available from different Japanese brands. It’s true that when you are on the road at 60km an hour with no air conditioning at Rajasthani 40ºC on the shade you feel as if you are having a blow dry at a hair salon. Despite that, the interior of the car has the best panoramic view a car can rich and swings at an Indian rhythm.